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  In addition to our Bed and Breakfast service, we also have a Tearoom and a "Memories of Childhood" museum, which contains a large selection of dolls and dolls houses.

  All the items in the Doll Room have been collected by the owner, Mary, during the past 40-plus years.  The original nucleus were the dolls belonging to her mother and aunt, circa 1910.  Other dolls of the same era have also come from their original owners and are thus much loved childhood companions.  The collection marks the developments of dolls through the 1920's, 30's and 40's - showing different types of materials used, and on to the post-war development of various types of plastic.  Likewise, there is a Dolls' House representing each decade from 1880 to 1990 - also showing the developments and innovations of the time.

  To the left is pictured a collection of Dolls Houses covering the period 1920's through to the 1950's

 There is a small collection of family children's books and some toys, along with numerous teddy bears, the oldest of which celebrated his 100th birthday in 2008.  Others are from the 1930's, but most date from the 1950's onwards, including some modern Collectors Bears - of which there is a small selection available for purchase in the Gift Shop.

  To the right is pictured a few of the toys and dolls in the 'Nursery Corner'.

  Primarily this is a collection of played with and much loved childhood companions rather than pristine and unplayed-with beauties, but there are a number of dolls with very interesting and often, sad, stories, which is sure to bring nostalgic memories to any visitor and aims to be both entertaining and informative.

  Doll Cabinets

  Pictured left are dolls from the 1950's, of plastic construction
  Pictured left are dolls from the 1920's and 1930's, of cloth construction
  Pictured left are dolls from the 1930's, of composite construction

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